India-Pakistan: December 18, 2004


 In the last eight months, the United States has provided Pakistan with specific information 44 times, on the location of al Qaeda or Taliban personnel in Pakistan. But in only three of those times were the Pakistani police or troops been able to follow up and catch the terrorists. The Pakistanis say the American information is too low quality, the Americans say that the Pakistanis do not act quickly enough, as any intelligence information will degrade over time. Moreover, it's suspected that Pakistanis were tipping off terrorist suspects before the police raids were launched. Pakistani intelligence, which has long had agents inside Islamic radical organizations, is protective of the Taliban radicals (because these are based on tribal customs, of tribes on both sides of the Afghan border.) The Islamic radicals fighting in Kashmir are also supported, although this may end. The one group of Islamic radicals that are public enemies are those al Qaeda and Islamic religious factions, that set off bombs in the cities and attack government officials.  

In Baluchistan, another bomb went off outside government offices (in Quetta). No one was injured.




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