India-Pakistan: March 9, 2005


The ceasefire along the Kashmir Line of Control (LOC) is holding, and the troops openly fraternize with each other. India accuses Pakistan of building new fortifications along the LOC, taking advantage of the absence of machine-gun and artillery fire.  

Along the Nepalese border, India has increased patrols and increased scrutiny of those crossing legally. Nepalese Maoists bring weapons and other supplies from India, and wounded Nepalese Maoist fighters sometimes sneak across the border for medical help. Indian Maoists have proclaimed "solidarity" with Nepalese Maoists. Both groups come from the same roots; university educated, middle class Hindus seeking to overthrow ancient social and economic relationships. So far, the Indian Maoists have not supplied their Nepalese counterparts with much tangible aid.  





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