India-Pakistan: March 13, 2005


 With the approval of tribal leaders, Pakistani soldiers raided villages in North Waziristan, along the Afghan border, searching for al Qaeda members. Bribes, and other forms of persuasion, have changed the attitudes of many tribesmen, and foreign al Qaeda members are no longer automatically protected. New arrests are made every week. 

India now blames Pakistani intelligence (ISI) for supplying weapons and explosives to tribal separatists in northwest India, and Maoist rebels throughout India. This is done in cooperation with Bangladesh, and the material is moved across the border into northwest India. As proof, India displays AK-47s and other weapons captured from Maoists and tribal rebels, weapons that they insist are from Pakistan. There is also the ill-will towards India by many in Bangladesh. India has been killing Bangladeshis trying to cross the border, from crowded Bangladesh, to thinly populated northwest India. Indian border guards often shoot to kill. Smuggling in this area is a big business. The smugglers don't care what they are moving, as long as they are paid. 




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