India-Pakistan: June 7, 2005


In California, two Pakistani-Americans confessed to having attended, and supported financially, terrorist training camps in Pakistan. A mosque in Lodi, California, was run by a Pakistani who raised money for the camps, and recruited Moslems men in Lodi to go to the camps and, "learn how to kill Americans." The Pakistani government has been reluctant to go after the many terrorist training camps that exist in the country. This is mainly because so many of the camps train men for terrorist operations in India (mainly disputed Kashmir). These fighters are seen as patriots to most Pakistanis, willing to sacrifice their lives to regain a lost province. But the struggle over Kashmir has been co-opted by al Qaeda, to become part of the world wide Islamic war against infidels. Thus Pakistanis living in the United States have become a source of money, and recruit, for this war. 




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