India-Pakistan: August 30, 2005


  India estimated that some 131 Islamic terrorists had infiltrated  into Kashmir, from Pakistan in the last three months (43 in May, 21 in  June and  67 in July). Indian forces had intercepted 37 infiltration attempts from January to July 31, 2005. There were 91 infiltrations during the first six months of 2005. This was a decline from previous years. In  2002, there had been  1,395 infiltrators, 1,373 in 2003 and  349 in 2004. The army had intercepted 85 attempts in 2002, 98 in 2003 and 68 attempts in 2004. The decline is a result of more, and better equipped, Indian troops on the border, plus some effort on the Pakistani side of the border to shut down terrorist training camps. 




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