India-Pakistan: Communist and Islamic Terror Thrive


September 13, 2005: Indian police in Kashmir, acting on tips, arrested six Islamic terrorists.

In eastern India, some 200 Maoist rebels attacked a village, killing twenty local defense volunteers (civilians who provide security against such attacks). The Maoists are trying to terrorize the villagers into not cooperating with the government, and continuing to support the Maoists. This is the first time the Indian Maoists have used such mass murder tactics.

In Bangladesh, police discovered two of the workshops used to manufacture the hundreds of low power bombs set off throughout the country on August 17th. The workshops were found in the capital, and were operated by the Islamic radical Jamaatul Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB). Dozens of members of the JMB have been arrested over the past few weeks.

September 12, 2005: In Pakistan's Waziristan region, Islamic radicals killed three local men they believed were American spies. Elsewhere in the region, police arrested seven suspected Islamic radicals. The army believes there are at least a hundred foreign Islamic radicals in  Waziristan. 

September 10, 2005: In the Pakistani city of Karachi, terrorist explosives brought down a 160 foot electricity transmission tower, depriving large parts of the city of electricity.

September 8, 2005: In the Pakistani city of Karachi, bombs went off in two American fast food outlets, injuring several people. Such outlets have been attacked in the past, usually by Islamic radicals protesting such foreign influences.




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