India-Pakistan: Islamic Terrorists Strike Back


October 31, 2005: The bombings in India's capital appears to be the work of an extremist Kashmiri separatist faction, that wants to disrupt the peace talks over Kashmir. The Islamic terrorists may also be trying to deflect attention from the failure of Moslem nations to match the quantity and quality of Western relief aid sent to earthquake victims in Kashmir.

Pakistan is not completely happy with the amount of aid to Kashmir, as thousands of people are in danger of death (from cold during the rapidly approaching Winter weather), if they do not get shelter soon. The problem is that, in the entire world, there are not enough winter type tents to meet the need immediately. There are also not enough helicopters in Pakistan to get winter supplies to remote areas quickly enough. While the main roads have been cleared of earthquake debris, many of the smaller roads and paths to remote villages remain blocked. There will be much suffering in remote parts of Pakistani Kashmir, which Islamic radicals will probably blame on "the insufficient Western aid effort".

October 30, 2005: Islamic rebels in Kashmir took credit for the terror bombing attacks in India.

October 29, 2005: Four bombs went off in the Indian capital, killing over sixty people and wounding many more.

In Pakistan, the army has opened all but one road to the earthquake affected areas.




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