India-Pakistan: Winter War


November 8, 2005: The earthquake in Kashmir has changed the military balance between India and Pakistan, and the nature of the Islamic terror campaign in Kashmir. Pakistan has been forced to shift from trying to modernize their armed forces, to dealing with the massive damage in the Kashmir area. This part of Pakistan is a stronghold of Islamic conservatism. The response to the earthquake, with non-Moslem relief groups showing up in large numbers, has hurt the Islamic radicals. Moslem nations, and Islamic radical relief groups were far less visible. The Kashmiri people are facing brutal Winter weather, and they will remember who helped them get through it alive.

November 7, 2005: Pakistan has put off spending $625 million, to buy 25 American F-16 jet fighters, in order to devote more resources to the needs of victims of the earthquake in Kashmir. The Pakistani government believes it needs some $5 billion to deal with post-earthquake needs, and only $2 billion had been pledged from foreign donors.

November 5, 2005: In Pakistan, a building on the Afghan border exploded, killing eight terrorists who were building bombs. The dead were Arabs, who had been renting a compound for several months. Among the dead was a woman and three children. Al Qaeda terrorists often travel with their families.

November 3, 2005: The earthquake death toll in Pakistan is now about 73,000, with some 69,000 badly injured. This was the worst quake in the area in over a century. Several million people have no, or damaged, housing, with Winter coming on.

November 2, 2005: The largest Kashmiri Islamic terrorists denied responsibility for last week's bombing attacks in India's capital. It is believed that one of the smaller Kashmiri terror groups made the attacks, as a means to increase their stature.




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