India-Pakistan: NATO All Over Earthquake Zone


November 15, 2005: There are now over a thousand NATO military personnel in northern Pakistan, where earthquake relief is still underway. The troops have to look after themselves, as 60 percent of the hotels in the region were destroyed by the quakes, and most of the other hotels were badly damaged.

In Karachi, Pakistan, a car bomb went off outside a KFC restaurant, killing three and wounding fifteen. Islamic militants are suspected, as they have attacked KFC outlets before, calling them bad Western influences.

November 14, 2005: In Indian Kashmir, Islamic terrorists attacked an army camp, killing two civilians and two soldiers.

In eastern India, police encountered a group of fifteen armed Maoists. The gun battle that followed left three Maoists dead. The Maoists in some states have become very aggressive, and the police have responded with more energetic patrolling.

In Bangladesh, Islamic terrorists killed two judges and wounded three others. The government has been going after Islamic radical groups, and this is apparently a response from the Islamic terrorists.

November 13, 2005: Indian police arrested the man believed to have masterminded the October 29 terror bombings in India, that killed over 60 people.

November 13, 2005: In Baluchistan, Pakistan, a flare up of tribal violence has left four people dead, and some property damage. More violence is expected, as all this is part of a long running tribal feud that has left at least twenty dead in the last few years.

More violence against Pakistani Christians, with three churches damaged and a clergyman wounded.

November 9, 2005: Up near the Afghan border with Pakistan, two former Taliban provincial governors (Mullah Abdul Mannan Khawajazai and Mullah Mohammad Akbar) were gunned down. This may have been part of a personal dispute, but may have been political as well (many former Taliban officials are seeking to make peace with the Afghan government.)




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