India-Pakistan: Terrorists Shaken by Earthquake


November 22, 2005: The Kashmir earthquake has changed the military and political relationships between India and Pakistan. Both nations are moving ahead with peace deals, faster than before the quakes. Pakistan announced that it will not try to match India's military modernization, but will depend on its nuclear arsenal to defend itself. Pakistani leaders feel that their future is more dependent on money spent for earthquake reconstruction, than in buying new weapons. Even the many Islamic terrorists in northern Pakistan, are more concerned with earthquake reconstruction, than in Islamic militancy. Things may change by Spring, but for the moment, the earthquake damage is the biggest event in the neighborhood.

November 21, 2005: Indian Maoists are now insisting that schools use pro-Communist textbooks and tell the kids that commies are good. Teachers are getting death threats if they don't go along. The local state government are responding by outlawing the communist groups, and wider political violence seems likely.

November 20, 2005: In Bangladesh, counter-terrorism officials believe Islamic radicals will carry out more bombing attacks, and will do it soon.

November 19, 2005: India showed off its new T-90 Russian tanks in major military exercises being held near the Pakistan border (in the Thar desert). The field exercises will go on for 14 days, and had been long planned.

November 17, 2005: Pakistani police arrest the man they believe was responsible for the terror attack on a KFC restaurant on the 15th. So far, the only terror group to claim responsibility for the KFC attack is a Baluchistan tribal group.

In Kashmir, a fifth crossing point was opened between Indian and Pakistani territory, allowing relief supplies for earthquake victims to move freely. Peace has broken out all over Kashmir and northern Pakistan, as people try to cope with the aftereffects of the earthquakes, which killed over 70,000 and left over three million homeless. Winter is deadly in this part of the world, and a race is on to get the homeless into shelter, before the cold starts killing them.




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