India-Pakistan: Bad Weather and Bad Press Hurt Terrorists


November 29, 2005: In the Bangladesh port city of Chittagong, two police officers and a suicide bomber died when the explosives went off near a police checkpoint outside a court building. At the same time, a bomb was thrown at a court building in the capital, killing three. This is apparently part of a terror plan, by Islamic radicals, against the judicial system. Threatening letters, and attacks, have been going on for the last two weeks. While the Islamic radicals are believed to be numerous in Bangladesh, they have not yet gone for large scale death tolls in their attacks. Perhaps they have noted that this makes their movement very unpopular, very quickly.

November 28, 2005: Winter has arrived in earthquake ravaged northern Pakistan. This area contained most of the Islamic terrorist camps in the country, and the terrorists are now concentrating on staying alive, and aiding local civilians, rather than anything else. As a result, terrorist activity is way down. Long term, the Islamic terrorists risk taking a real PR beating because of the eager relief work by (mostly Christian) Western relief workers.

November 27, 2005: In Pakistan, drug gangs have now gone to war with Islamic clergy that openly oppose drugs. To that end, preacher Hafiz Gullam Sarvar was killed by gangsters.

November 25, 2005: Maoists are on the defensive, as soldiers and police are turned loose to find and arrest them throughout eastern and southern India.




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