India-Pakistan: Blocking the Bangladesh Border


December 20, 2005: India is sending more troops to the Bangladesh border. There are some twenty million illegal Bangladesh migrants in India, and over a thousand more try to cross the border every month. Both governments fear that the people smugglers are also moving Islamic terrorists back and forth. Islamic terrorists have gotten far more active in the last year, and money and bomb making materials have been seen coming in from India.

December 19, 2005: In Bangladesh, police raided a house used by Islamic terror group DecJamiatul Mujahideen, and found some 60 pounds of explosives, and other bomb making materials. Along the Indian border, guards caught a man trying to carry on a pound of explosives and other bomb making materials.

December 18, 2005: At least a brigade of Pakistani troops have moved against tribal rebels in Baluchistan. So far, some thirty rebels have been killed, largely from helicopter gunship attacks. Some of the tribes have been running a bombing campaign against the government, in an attempt to extort more money from the government (because of oil and gas being extracted in the region.)

In Bangladesh, Islamic terrorists killed a leader of the ruling party.

December 17, 2005: Violence flared in Indian Kashmir, leaving nine dead, including a pro-Indian local politician.

Indian Maoist rebels admitted that, in the past, they received aid, including training, from Sri Lankan LTTE (Tamil) rebels.

December 16, 2005: In Bangladesh, four more leaders of the JMB Islamic terror group were arrested, along with large quantities of bomb making materials. This group has been very active in setting off bombs throughout the country.

December 13, 2005: In Bangladesh, two senior leaders of the JMB Islamic terror group were captured, and later admitted connections with al Qaeda.




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