India-Pakistan: Separatist Violence in Baluchistan


December 30, 2005: In Pakistan's Baluchistan, terrorist activities continued, from rockets fired at army camps to a bombs going off in several locations. Meanwhile, Pakistan's religious schools (madrasses) have largely ignored government demands that some 2,000 foreign students be expelled. This is supposed to be done by December 31st.

In southern India, police are on alert after a university professor was shot dead by a man using a Russian assault rifle. Several terrorist groups are suspected.

December 29, 2005: The fighting in Pakistan's Baluchistan, especially around the town of Bugti, is getting ugly, with reports of over a hundred civilians dead. The tribesmen are resisting police and army attempts to arrest those responsible for attacks on army camps (usually with rockets.) The Baluchis want more autonomy, and a larger share of the oil revenue from the production in their territory. To the north, along the Afghan border, pro-Taliban factions in the Pushtun tribes are using terror to intimidate other factions. Whenever the army tries to crack down on the Islamic radicals, many non-radical tribesmen fight the army because they see "outsiders", not someone trying to rein in the Islamic militants. Meanwhile, Christian communities continue to be threatened by Islamic militants, despite greater efforts by police to prevent this kind of violence.

December 28, 2005: In Pakistan's southwest (Baluchistan), police made dozens of arrests, seeking those responsible for a rocket attack on president Musharraf earlier in the month. Meanwhile, in the earthquake ravaged north, Islamic radicals have recovered and are supplying much needed aid for the victims. They are also delivering sermons about the evils of the West and the need to destroy Israel and liberate Moslems in India. The government cannot shut down the Islamic charity work, because the need for relief is desperate, with over a millions people in danger of dying from starvation and exposure. But some the Spring, the militants will have new recruits, ready to kill for the cause.




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