Indonesia: Terrorists Seek More Satisfying Targets


May 25, 2007: Government counter-terror investigators believe that Jemaah Islamiah leadership has recognized the decline in their popularity, and realized that large scale bombings of tourist targets is one of the reasons. Indeed, any attack that kills large numbers of civilians, garners much sympathy for the victims, and much hatred for the terrorists. So Jemaah Islamiah is lying low and trying to put together terrorist teams that can attack government targets (buildings and military equipment) as well as government officials. However, just bombing buildings has, according to past experience, little impact, and getting to senior officials is difficult. While popular enthusiasm for Islamic terrorism is way down, the small minority that still supports such violence still amounts to several million people throughout the country.

May 23, 2007: In East Timor, rebel army officer Major Alfredo Reinado, and his small band of followers, refuses to surrender. Reinado even arranged to have his taped comments played on an Indonesian talk show (that can be heard in East Timor), where he taunted the Australian soldiers pursuing him. Meanwhile, the street gangs in the capital continue to cause widespread crime and violence.

May 19, 2007: The corruption trial of a former government minister revealed details of how members of the government diverted government funds to political parties. The money was used for election campaigns, or payments to politicians. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year is apparently still being diverted like this.

May 15, 2007: Pakistan has agreed to help Indonesia track down which Indonesians have attended religious schools in Pakistan, especially religious schools with a reputation for turning out radicalized graduates who go on to become Islamic terrorists.

May 14, 2007: Canada is donating $250,000 worth of anti-radiation suits, which can be used if a radiation weapon is used or suspected.




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