Indonesia: August 21, 1999


The police and army have been arresting seizing suspected separatists, killing them and dumping the bodies along roads. 

August 20;  Aceh separatists of the Free Aceh separatist movement (GAM) continue their attacks, with eleven dead in the past two days of violence.

August 19;  Aceh separatists ambushed a police anti-riot unit and wounded two of them. In East Timor, Anti-separatist para-militaries continued their attacks on separatists. 

August 18; Anti-separatist para-militaries (armed by the Indonesian army) launched several attacks on separatists in East Timor. Several injuries, but no deaths, were reported. The paramilitaries are trying to intimidate Timorese into voting against independence in the upcoming UN monitored plebiscite.




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