Indonesia: August 30, 1999


A larger than expected turn out for the East Timor independence referendum has angered the anti-separatist militias and the level of violence has gone up. 

August 29; The Indonesian military announced that it can not guarantee being able to restore order if widespread violence breaks out in East Timor.

August 28; The violence in Aceh province continues. In the last three months over 250 have died, hundreds of buildings have been burnt out and over 200,000 refugees have fled the violence.

August 27; The Indonesian army vowed to fight if the U.N. tried to send a peacekeeping force to East Timor. A U.N. sponsored referendum is to be held in East Timor on August 30th, to decide of the population wants independence or autonomy within Indonesia. Pro-government militias in East Timor, armed by the army, continue their campaign of violent intimidation. The militias are largely composed of migrants to East Timor from other parts of Indonesia and locals who work for the government.




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