Indonesia: September 15, 1999


Australian troops are ready to move to East Timor, but must wait for contingents from other southeast Asian nations to arrive. This will delay, until next week,  the entry of peacekeeping troops into East Timor. Before that, Australian aircraft may drop food to some 200,000 refugees out in the bush. In Aceh, police killed one man and wounded two others while dealing with separatist activities. Jakarta, the capital, was the scene of over a dozen demonstrations, mostly against East Timorese independence. Some protested against atrocities in East Timor and other parts of Indonesia. There were some injuries..

September 14; Anti-East Timor independence riots continued in the capital. There were also even more violent riots against government corruption. Many Indonesian politicians have suggested that Aceh be given more autonomy, but not independence.

September 13; The European Union has declared a four month arms embargo on Indonesia. The effect will be minimal. There is still no agreement on which countries, besides Australia, and the Philippines, will comprise the East Timor peacekeeping force. US troops will be present in a support role. Indonesia has given permission for the UN to begin making food airdrops over East Timor. Anti-Independence militias continue to ravage East Timor.




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