Indonesia: November 10, 1999


The US sent 133 Signal Corps troops to East Timor, but the unit (half a company) took 580 tons of equipment and supplies, requiring 12 sorties by C-5s and one by a C-17. Rapid deployment of real combat units, anyone?--Stephen V Cole

November 9; Four more died during Moslem-Christian strife on the Maluku islands. Both groups are now attacking army bases, because they feel the army is not doing enough to defend their side. The government has refused to consider an East Timor style referendum in Aceh to determine Aceh's future. Meanwhile, separatist leaders in Aceh insist that they will declare independence and dare the government to do something about it.

November 8; Large numbers of East Timorese refugees have again begun returning from West Timor. A million people rallied in the capital of Aceh province, and during that, at least a hundred prisoners escaped from the local prison. The rally itself was fairly peaceful. Aceh is one part of Indonesia that has a long tradition of being independent. Aceh has a population of over five million.




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