Indonesia: November 30, 1999


The Indonesian military has pledged to crush separatist movements, and announced new movements to the Malukus and Irian Jaya.

November 28; In Aceh, scattered violence killed one and injured four people. One of the injured was a soldier. In the Maluku islands, violence killed two and injured 25. Seven of the injured were military or police personnel. Most of the violence has taken place in the capital of the province, Ambon. Nearly a quarter of the city's population have become refugees as a result of the violence and food shortages are becoming acute.

November 27; Troops attempting to restore peace between Christians and Moslems in the Malukus islands have shot dead more than 38 rioters in the past few days. Since the violence began eleven months ago, 693 people have died, 1,534 have been injured and over 30,000 have become refugees.

November 26; The army intervened in the Christian-Moslem fighting in Ambon (Maluku islands), leaving 29 dead and 120 wounded. In Aceh, two were killed and one wounded when unidentified attackers burned several houses. In East Timor, the UN has been training Falintil guerillas to be security guards.




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