Indonesia: October 15, 2002


The government is under great pressure to round up known Islamic radicals. But this will prove difficult, as these organizations are known to be more social and political than into actually carrying out terrorist attacks. But there are many sub groups that are very likely to have planned and carried out terrorist or "anti infidel (Christian or Hindu)" attacks. No organization in Indonesia has taken credit for the Bali attack. Indonesia's neighbors have arrested Indonesian's for terrorist activity and urged Indonesia to take action. But Indonesia is reluctant to do anything that will stir up more unrest. The government is cracking down on Islamic radicals who are attacking Christians and they felt this was sufficient. Many of the most radical Moslems are more interested in fighting local non-Moslems than supporting al Qaeda. But some of the radicals are pro-al Qaeda and now they are subject to more government scrutiny. The government cannot ignore such a major attack on tourists and most Indonesians recognize that. While Indonesia is the largest Moslem nation in the world, it also practices the most liberal form of Islam. 




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