Indonesia: December 17, 2003


 The highest Islamic authority in the country declared that suicide attacks and terrorism were un-Islamic. This more conservative view of Islam and violence has long dominated the nation. But in the cities, radical Islam is becoming more popular, along with radical political concepts (like a religious dictatorship for the country and expulsion of non-Moslems.) In typical Indonesian fashion, young women have adopted conservative Islamic dress. But they have sexed it up in ways that would get them arrested in places like Iran and Saudi Arabia. Most Indonesians  were never fanatical about Islam, but some are, and they are willing and able to kill.

Pakistan, Malaysia and other nations are rounding up, arresting and expelling Indonesians suspected of terrorist activities. The government is keeping most of these young men in jail, as many of them, it turns out, do have a history of radical activity. 




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