Iraq: September 28, 1999


Some 5,000 Turkish troops, aided by local Kurds allied with Turkey, attacked PKK camps in northern Iraq.

September 27; US warplanes bombed Iraqi military bases in southern Iraq after the Iraqis fired om patrolling American aircraft. Iraqi opposition groups claimed that Iraq had arrested and executed killed up to 500 people in southern Iraq, while putting down anti-government demonstrations in August. 

September 23; Iraqi President Saddam Hussein executed his chief architect (Husam Khuduri) during August because he had talked too freely about a contract under which Yugoslavian firms upgraded four bunkers used to store chemical and biological weapons.--Stephen V Cole

September 21; In retaliation for two Iraqi MiG-23 fighters entering the southern no-fly zone, US and British warplanes bombed Iraqi radar stations in southern Iraq. Iraqi aircraft entered the southern no-fly zone twelve times in the last week. This is usually done to entice US aircraft to follow and come within range of Iraqi missiles. The Iraqis are keen to shoot down a US warplane, feeling that this will cause American public opinion to call off the air attacks on Iraq.




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