Iraq: November 29, 1999


British and US warplanes attacked targets in north Iraq because of Iraqi challenges to British and US airborne patrols over the no-fly zones. So far this year, there have been 520 cases of Iraq violating the no-fly zones. These violations included firing on coalition aircraft, using fire control radars, moving SAMs into the no fly zones and flying aircraft into the zones. In response, coalition aircraft have dropped over a thousand bombs.

November 28; Some 20,000 Turkish troops advanced into northern Iraq to attack PKK camps. Hitting these camps at the start of winter puts the PKK at a big disadvantage, as those PKK troops that escape will spend the next few months just surviving, and not planning new attacks on Turkey. The Turks are being aided by 2,000 men of the KDP (a Kurdish group that opposes the PKK.)

November 22; US warplanes attacked targets in north and south Iraq because of Iraqi anti-aircraft guns firing on  US airborne patrols over the no-fly zones. Iraq continues it's diplomatic campaign against the UN embargo. The latest ploy is to stop shipping oil for two weeks and to continue issuing reports of suffering Iraqi people. Russia has become less vocal in its support of Iraq because of the bad press the Russians are getting for their Chechenya campaign.




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