Iraq: January 15, 2003


The US is set to combat test its new directed-energy (microwave) weapons against Iraqi command facilities, frying their electronics as an attack begins. The problem is that focusing such weapons can be difficult and they could end up damaging US aircraft and even satellites. New programs are underway to develop shielding for US systems, but for now the US will have to use tactics to time the use of such weapons when they do not affect other US equipment. --Stephen V Cole

Israeli intelligence says that Iraq has six Scud missile launch trucks, with at least 20 missiles and perhaps as many as sixty. US and British intelligence says there are at least six launch trucks (no more than 12) but only about 20 missiles.--Stephen V Cole

U.S. Army Mobilization Update- Some of the units being mobilized or move for the war on terror and possible Iraq operations.
@ 500 engineers from 130th Engineer Brigade (Germany) sent to Persian Gulf.
@ 300 intelligence specialists from 205th Military Intelligence Brigade (Germany) sent to Persian Gulf.
@ 300 air defense troops from Germany sent to Persian Gulf.
@ 22 Kiowa helicopter pilots from D1-159 Aviation, Mississippi National Guard, called up for duty with five active units that fly this aircraft.
@ 25 linguists from the Utah National Guard 141st Intelligence Battalion called up for a year, along with 60 engineers (489th Engineer Maintenance Group) and 45 MPs (438th MP Detachment).
@ 600 troops from Indiana National Guard 1-152 Infantry called to active duty.
@ 800 troops from Virginia National Guard called to active duty for one year to guard military bases in Virginia.
@ 266th Engineer Company, Kansas National Guard, called to active overseas duty for war on terror.--Stephen V Cole




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