Iraq: January 25, 2003


: Troops Deployed For War With Iraq

@ Third Mechanized Division, part of XVIII Corps, ordered to Gulf on fast transports.

@ Forth Mechanized Division, borrowed from III Corps, ordered to Gulf on slower transports.

@ First Cavalry Division, troops have been told they will be going overseas soon, but not where or when.

@ First Armored and First Mech Divisions remain on standby in Germany for rail movement to Turkey.

@ 82nd Airborne Division is sending the 4,000-man 325th Parachute Regiment (brigade) overseas.

@ 101st Airborne Division, some elements moving to Persian Gulf.

@ 167th Engineer Company, Alabama National Guard, called up for Iraq War. This is a Ribbon Bridge unit needed to cross larger rivers such as the Euphrates. It's bridges can span 200 meters. The Euphrates is normally about 150 meters wide but can swell to 250 meters wide during the March-May floods.

@ 200th Engineer Company (Army Reserve) which has ribbon bridges and medium-girder bridges.

@ 62nd Engineer Battalion, active duty unit at Fort Hood, sent to Persian Gulf.

@ 54th Engineer Battalion, active duty unit in Germany, sent to Persian Gulf.

@ 1437th Engineer Company (Army Reserve) with ribbon bridges.

@ The F-117 stealth fighter swing from New Mexico has "disappeared" from its base.

@ 220th Military Police Company, Colorado National Guard, activated for duty overseas.

@ 10th Combat Hospital, Fort Carson, Colorado, sent to Kuwait.

@ 571st Air Ambulance Company, Fort Carson, Colorado, sent to Kuwait

@ 5025th Garrison Support Unit ordered to active duty at Fort Carson, Colorado, to support and process other units being sent overseas.

Aircraft Carriers:

@ USS Constellation in Persian Gulf.

@ USS Harry Truman in Mediterranean.

@ USS Abraham Lincoln en route to Persian Gulf.

@ USS Theodore Roosevelt, scheduled to reach Gulf in February

@ USS Kitty Hawk, based in Japan and available for Gulf duty.

@ USS Carl Vinson, training in eastern Pacific

@ USS George Washington, returned to port in Dec but kept on alert.
--Stephen V Cole




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