Iraq: January 30, 2003


US aircraft dropped half a million leaflets over southern Iraq, warning Iraqis to stay clear of military targets (fiber optic communications facilities and anti-aircraft units) and be ready to support the search for Saddam's weapons of mass destruction. A similar message was sent via email to most Iraqis with access to the internet. This required the hacking of Iraqi's internet system to obtain all the email addresses.

The US has officially built a military air base at Harir in northern (Kurdish controlled) Iraq. The hard surface landing strip is 2,500 meters long, capable of handling C-130s and fighter-bombers. Military vehicles (humvees) without military markings can be seen in the area, and American looking men with weapons and electronic equipment.

Jordan will receive three batteries of Patriot anti-aircraft missiles. These weapons can also intercept short range ballistic missiles. 




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