Iraq: February 27, 2003


Iraq is moving Republican Guard units from their bases to the outskirts of Tikrit (Saddam's home town and where thousands of his core supporters live.)

Iraq has agreed to destroy it's illegal Al Samud 2, but hasn't said when it will complete the process and it's expected that the missiles will not be destroyed. The destruction is supposed to begin tomorrow.

The Turkish parliament has delayed voting on allowing American troops to operate in western Turkey. A deal was made to supply Turkey with billions of dollars in "compensation (for losses if the US invades Iraq)," but many Turkish politicians want to delay the vote, anger American and get the reformist government blamed for screwing up relations with the US. The money payments are basically a bribe, and Turley has been told if they jerk the US around on this, Iraq can be invaded just from the south and Turkey will get no bribes and less monetary and diplomatic support from the US in the future.




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