Iraq: March 11, 2003


: Turkish press sources report the U.S. now has a logistics base to support ground troops in the town of Mardin (near Iskenderun). The reports indicate the US will set up logistics bases in eight other cities: Dicle, Oyali, Nusaybin, Oguzeli, Birecik, Viransehir, Sanliurfa, and Gaziantep. These bases are being set up based on the agreement reached between Turkey and the US that allows the US to help "upgrade" Turkish bases and ports. (Austin Bay)

The extent of the defections in the Iraqi military leadership will play a larger role in when the war begins, and how it is fought, than the arrival of additional American combat units. Because of Turkish delays in allowing American combat units to move through Turkey to northern Iraq, the invasion will have to come from the south. In the north, there will be several thousand paratroopers, Special Forces and CIA people to work with the Kurds and supervise Iraqi surrenders.




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