Iraq: March 18, 2003


 A senior American general in Washington recently remarked that the war in Iraq would include "a lot of surprises" by American forces. Meanwhile, Saddam Hussein and his sons were given until 8 PM, March 19th (4 AM, March 20th, Iraq time) to leave Iraq, or US troops will enter Iraqi and remove Saddam and his government. Iraq commanders were warned not to destroy Iraqi infrastructure or use chemical weapons. Those who did would be punished. The Iraqi people were promised freedom and prompt humanitarian aid. Most nations continued to support keeping Saddam in power and going along with the arms inspection program that has been in place since 1991.

In Kuwait, American troops continued to move out of camps and get their vehicles and equipment ready for movement north, into Iraq. 

While many American commanders believe Saddam won't try and use chemical weapons until coalition troops reach Baghdad, troops have been ordered to enter Iraq wearing their chemical protective gear.




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