Iraq: May 21, 2003


The UN has officially ended the embargo. Russia had to be bribed with guarantees of some of it's Saddam era business deals. Britain and the United States have officially been put in charge of restoring Iraqs economy and installing a democratic government.

American Special Forces and civil affairs troops are being worked very hard in dealing with rebuilding local government services throughout the country. These troops also have to deal with the emergence of new political powers after decades of Baath party dominance. As expected, several Shia factions are forming in the south, and the two existing Kurdish factions in the north have so far been cordial towards each other as Kurds move south into areas Saddam had expelled them from. The major problem remains the 20 percent of the population that is Sunni Moslem, and the core of Baath party support. This group is reluctant to give up its power, has plenty of weapons and thousands of men still willing to fight.




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