Iraq: May 29, 2003


American troops raided the Palestinian Authority diplomatic mission and arrested eleven people after searching the mission. The U.S. has told all foreign diplomats that they no longer have diplomatic immunity because the government they were sent to deal with no longer exists.

The 3rd Infantry Division has been told that they will not be going home soon, as they are needed for a few more months to root out the Baath diehards in Iraq. 

American troops have stepped up raids against hideouts of Baath party leaders, and meeting places for armed Baath gangs. Baath party members, especially those who belonged to Saddams secret police, are believed to be behind many of the recent attacks on American troops in and around Baghdad. 

Since May 1st, 20 American soldiers have been killed in combat or accidents. 

So far, many Iraqis have proved to be unreliable, unrealistic and given to violent outbursts. While some Iraqis demand that Iraq be controlled by Iraqis, the ministries that have been put back in operation have gone back to their slothful, and corrupt, ways. Bribes are demanded for services and theft is all too common. Coalition administrators have taken to replacing Iraqi officials until they find ones who are honest and competent. Such Iraqis exist in large numbers, but they were not popular during the decades of Saddam Husseins rule. The Baath party prized loyalty to Saddam above all. If you had that, you could steal as much as you could get away with. The thieves are not happy about being locked out, and some are fighting mad. 




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