Iraq: July 5, 2003


International support for the reconstruction of Iraq is building up strength. Two divisions, led by Britain and Poland, are already scheduled to start moving into Iraq in July and August and a third international division is a possibility.

Japan is reportedly planning to dispatch up to 1,000 soldiers from its Self-Defense Force to Iraq by October, to carry out non-combat missions including supplying water, transporting supplies and rebuilding infrastructure. Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi won the approval of lawmakers for a bill that authorizes Japanese troops to help with Iraq's reconstruction, despite concerns they could get dragged into combat.

Moldova will send also 50 military engineers and medics to Iraq to participate in international humanitarian operations. The Moldovan personnel will be transported and accommodated by the US. - Adam Geibel

In northern Iraq, eleven Turkish Special Forces troops were arrested by American paratroopers. The Turks were suspected of involvement in a plot to kill a local official. The Turks have been allowed to operate in northern  Iraq so they can hunt down Turkish Kurds who are part of rebel organizations.




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