Iraq: July 14, 2003


Attacks on American troops are increasing, with some 25 "serious incidents" a day in central Iraq, where nearly all the attacks take place. Most of these do not produce any American casualties, but do result in attackers being captured or killed. Interrogations of the prisoners indicates that there is an organized program by Baath party members to create disorder and discontent so that Baath can again take control. American troops are setting up traps and ambushes for the attackers. A growing network of informers is providing more information on the location of Baath party fighters, and plans for future attacks. This kind of combat is something the troops do train for, consisting of combat patrols and ambush missions. 

US costs for the Iraqi operations are estimated at about $50 billion so far and could rise to over $100 billion by the end of 2004. The increased costs come from energetic measures to restore Iraqi infrastructure and improve living conditions for American troops. 




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