Iraq: August 2, 2003


The Iraqi who turned in Uday and Qsay Hussein has been paid the $30 million reward and relocated outside Iraq. The man has still not been identified. 

The 1st Brigade of the 4th Infantry division has been operating in Tikrit, Saddam Hussein's home town, since April 22nd. In that time, they have made 1,859 arrests and believe they have the opposition on the run. They estimate that some 80 percent of the population in the area is indifferent to the Americans and Saddam, about ten percent support the coalition hunting for Saddam and Baath Party activists, and ten percent are willing to fight coalition troops. The brigade has additional intelligence support and on-call air and artillery support. There are also Special Forces and commandos operating in the area. Attacks on American troops has been declining as the troops round more Baath Party activists. Of some concern is the growing number of non-Iraqis being arrested or killed. Anti-American Arabs, many Islamic radicals, have been sneaking into Iraq to join the "jihad" against the coalition troops. 




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