Iraq: August 5, 2003


 East European peacekeepers are beginning to arrive. There has been no problem getting volunteers for Iraq service in these countries, as the pay is 8-10 times what the troops normally get (the US makes up the difference, although the foreign troops are still making less than American soldiers.)

A Polish led "division" will have contingents from many countries (3,200 Dutch, 2,500 Poles, 1,644, Ukrainians, 1,321 Spanish, 1,130 Italians and 886 Thais, Bulgaria, 480, Hungary, 441, El Salvador, 360, Honduras, 360, Dominican Republic, 300, Romania, 205, Mongolia, 174, Latvia, 103, Slovenia, 82, Lithuania,  45, Kazakhstan, 27, the Philippines, 177, and Nicaragua, 120. 




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