Iraq: September 25, 2003


Polish police arrested fifteen Poles who had signed an agreement in 2002 to violate the UN embargo deliver $1.3 million dollars worth of missile parts. Since Baghdad was occupied, documents, revealing details of which foreign companies were involved with illegal arms deals with Iraq, have resulted in investigations and arrests around the world. 

Iraqi Governing Council member Akila al-Hashimi died from wounds received in an attack last week. Baath Party  gunmen have been threatening any Iraqi working for the coalition, and al-Hashimi was the first of the 25 Governing Council members to be attacked. The Sunni Arab minority (about 20 percent of the population) has mustered a few thousand activists to violently resist the loss of Sunni Arab domination over the Shia Arab and Kurd majority. It's not working, except to feed the myth among foreigners that there is a widespread resistance to the occupation. To help this myth along, a bomb was set off outside a hotel housing staff from an American TV network. A night watchman was killed and one network employee wounded. This assures that the Baath activities get more attention in the media. A clever application of terror. As a result, other members of the governing  council complained that foreign media (both Arab and Western) have created a myth that there is far more violence, and Baath resistance, than is actually the case. Iraqis are particularly unhappy about the Islamic radical and Arab nationalist foreigners who have entered Iraq to fight coalition troops, and kill Iraqis in the process.    




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