Iraq: September 29, 2003


The raids continue, more frequently with Iraqi police involved, resulting in more resistance leaders, and arms supplies, are being discovered and seized. Apparently there is not a lot of aid getting across the border from Iran or Syria. This should not be surprising, as both nations have long been bitter enemies of the Iraqi Baath Party and Saddam Hussein. Neither nation wants to see the old government back in power in Iraq. But Iranian Islamic conservatives are still pushing their idea of converting the entire world to Shia Islam. But this runs into resistance from Sunni Islamic fundamentalists, which includes al Qaeda. So the Iraqi Baath party is pretty much on  its own. Overall, the number and intensity of Baath attacks are low, but they get magnified because the media reports so many of them. Militarily, the Baath is fighting a losing battle that makes good headlines and gets Americans and Iraqis killed. .




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