Iraq: December 1, 2003


An opinion survey found that most Iraqis do not trust political parties, or the coalition forces. But for 42 percent of Iraqis, the best thing to happen recently was the fall of Saddam and his government. Yet 35 percent said the worst thing to happen recently was the war, while 14 percent cited the death of a family member. After four decades of the Baath Party, Iraqis have learned to look to family and tribe for help, and fear the government. A similar pattern was found in people after the Soviet Union fell. Several decades of dictatorial rule tends to ruin civic spirit. A major problem in Iraq is the small number of public spirited Iraqis. Too many people are just out for themselves, and then complain about the crime and disorder they have caused or supported.

In November, 79 American troops were killed in combat in Iraq. This is the highest number of deaths since the major fighting last March.




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