Iraq: March 1, 2005


The U.S. government announced that it had detected a communication between Osama bin Laden and terrorist leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq. Bin Laden urged Zarqawi to carry out attacks in the United States. Terrorists have failed to follow up on their September 11, 2001 attacks, and the popular mythology, that this attack represented a mighty international Islamic terrorist organization, is wearing thin. Bin Laden, hiding out somewhere in Pakistan, has seen most of his senior aids killed or captured in the last three years. Al Zarqawi is on the run in Iraq, and has also seen more of his key henchmen  caught in the last few months. This message, if accurate, is interesting because it demonstrates a degree of desperation and delusion on bin Laden's part. The reason there have not been terrorists, from Iraq, striking out to foreign countries, is because most of the terrorism in Iraq is being planned and carried out by Sunni Arab Iraqis. Saddam Hussein's military and intelligence experts provide the technical expertise, and money Baath Party members stole from Iraq is used to pay for it. Saddam's people are known, and are fighting so viciously inside Iraq, because they would be too easy to identify outside of Iraq. Another point bin Laden seems to be ignoring is that Zarqawi is largely a figurehead, a guy who was previously known as more muscle than brains in Jordan. The technical and leadership talent for the Iraqi terrorists is largely Iraqi. The foreign terrorists come to Iraq, because that's a lot easier than trying to carry out terror attacks at home, in the U.S., Europe or anywhere else. Worse, nearly all the victims in Iraq are Iraqis, rather than infidels.  The most dangerous Iraqi terrorists are those on an Iraqi wanted list, wanted for crimes against the Iraqi people. These people face trial and a death sentence, and are determined to get Sunni Arab tyranny restored in Iraq. These people are known, and would have a difficult time staying free outside Iraq. Some have received refuge in Syria and Iran, but enormous pressure has been put on these two nations to give up the terrorists they harbor. That pressure is starting to pay off. Seen in this light, bin Laden's message sounds like one of the missives issued from Hitler's Berlin "Fuhrer bunker" in the last weeks of World War II.


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