Iraq: April 28, 2005


Meanwhile, the terrorism continues, with four car bombs going off today, directed against police and soldiers. These attacks left at least a dozen dead, and three dozen wounded. The number of attacks per day is up to about sixty, the same level as last year. While the U.S. releases that information, they dont release data on the other seventy or so events they keep track of. However, American commanders appear to feel that the terrorists are losing where it accounts, apparently in the areas of public support and morale. 

The new parliament has finally established a working government, although some key ministries (Defense, Oil) are headed by temporary appointees. Its taken three months to get this far, and the major problem is compromise. This is not a normal tool in Iraqi politics, and Iraqi politicians are having a difficult time getting used to it. Theres also the problem of corruption. Although everyone has sworn to steal no more, among the population, many people expect a politician from their group (Shia, Sunni Arab, Kurd, or even tribe) to use the power of a government ministry to enrich himself and his people. Stealing government funds has not stopped since Saddam fell, and attempts to reduce this theft will either succeed, or they wont. If they dont, Iraq will remain unable to build the kind of economy, and prosperity their oil wealth can make possible. 


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