Israel: Victory Over Terrorists in Lebanon


September 4, 2007: Israel announced a five year plan for the armed forces, which features more money for the army (the formation of another armored division and more training for the troops), two U.S. Littoral Combat Ships for the navy, and dozens of American F-35 warplanes for the air force.

September 3, 2007: Not all the explosions in Gaza, of late, have been Israeli missiles fired at terrorist leaders, or because bomb builders make mistakes. There have been at least five explosions near Hamas security force compounds. These appear to be part of a Fatah effort to terrorize Hamas supporters.

September 2, 2007: After three months, Lebanese security forces finally cleared all the al Qaeda terrorists out of a Palestinian refugee camp (actually a walled town of over 31,000) outside Tripoli. The operation left over 300 dead (half of them soldiers and police, and several dozen civilians) and most of the Palestinians were forced to flee the camp. It may be months before the camp is repaired, and mines and booby traps, set up by the terrorists, removed. The terrorist leader was killed in the final attack, and dozens were captured. The battle was a big deal in Lebanon, where Lebanese have long resented Palestinians bringing violence to the country, and supporting terrorism that has made Lebanese politics more violent. The al Qaeda terrorists are believed to be the pawns of Syria, which claims Lebanon as part of Greater Syria.

September 1, 2007: Anti-Hamas demonstrations in Gaza are being attacked with increasing violence by Hamas security forces and street thugs. Foreign journalists are a particular target, because Hamas considers these demonstrations disloyal and embarrassing. Several hundred Fatah supporters have been jailed in Gaza, and an even larger number of Hamas supporters have been locked up in the West Bank.

August 31, 2007: In the last month, Palestinian terrorists in Gaza fired 92 rockets and 118 mortar shells into Israel. In response, Israel has used UAVs and ground spotters to watch the areas in northern Gaza where the rockets and mortars are fired from. Artillery fire is then called in, and many attacks are stopped. But the Palestinians do not treat these launching areas as combat zones, and allow civilians, particularly kids, to wander around looking for scrap metal or whatever. From time to time, children or adult civilians get caught in the artillery fire, and the Palestinian media has a field day.

August 29, 2007: Fatah now plans to hold new elections, and elect a new Palestinian Authority government, without Hamas participation, or votes from Gaza. Meanwhile, many Fatah officials and members are calling for Fatah to reform itself and cut out the corruption. That does not seem likely to happen.




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