Israel: Iran Gets Involved


January 20, 2006: Since Palestinian terrorists agreed to a truce eleven months ago, they have made seven suicide bomb attacks on Israeli civilians. Israel believes the latest attack was planned and financed by Syria and Iran. These two countries, and their Hizbollah terrorist organization (in Lebanon) have become an increasingly crucial supporter of Palestinian terrorists.

January 19, 2006: A Palestinian terrorist set off a bomb in a Tel Aviv fast food restaurant, wounding twenty and killing himself.

January 18, 2006: Israeli police intensified their raids in the West Bank, apparently because they would not be doing this sort of thing for about a week, when the Palestinians hold their legislative elections on the 24th. The elections threaten to put terrorist group Hamas into control of the Palestinian government. Hamas is less corrupt and its radical policies appeal more to younger Palestinians.

January 17, 2006: Police killed a Hamas leader in the West Bank. This puts Hamas under pressure to strike back, or lose face.

January 16, 2006: Two more kassam rockets were fired into southern Israel from Gaza. There were no injuries, but Israelis are furious at these continued attacks.




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