Israel: Deal With The Devil


July 29, 2008: Fatah and Israel are both going after Hamas operations in the West Bank. Israel is arresting Hamas terrorists there, and shutting down businesses used to raise money for Hamas, or that serve as part of terrorist operations. Inside Israel, two recent terror attacks in Jerusalem using construction equipment (that left two Israelis dead and several dozen injured) actually reflect the effectiveness of Israeli counter-terror methods. There hasn't been a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem since 2004. Arab residents of Jerusalem are the main victims of this, as they will have a harder time getting construction jobs, or residency permits to live in Jerusalem.

Israel's options in Gaza, where Hamas continues to smuggle in rockets and other weapons, are stark. Either they can assist Fatah in regaining control (and shutting down most of the terrorist groups) or send in the army and destroy Hamas in battle (a process that would leave hundreds dead and thousands wounded).

The growing war between Hamas and Fatah has presented Fatah with the option to turn on terrorist groups, and form an alliance with Israel. This is seen as the only solution to the dozens of West Bank Israeli checkpoints that slow traffic to a crawl, but are considered essential in limiting the movement of Palestinian terrorists. Fatah, however, has been spouting "hate Israel" propaganda for decades, and turning kind and gentle would split the organization. But Fatah is being forced to ally itself with Israel, because Hamas operatives in the West Bank are apparently under orders to destroy Fatah there any way they can, and take control. This involves the use of Islamic radical death squads, that murder Moslems for not being Moslem enough, and Arab Christians for not being Moslem. Thus Fatah is fighting for its life, and making common cause with Israel whether it likes it or not.

In the north Lebanon city of Tripoli, nearly a week of violence between Sunni and Shia militias has left 60 casualties. The army moved in over the weekend to stop the fighting, and allow several thousand civilians to return to their homes. There have been several such battles in the last two months, which have caused nearly 150 casualties. The cause is Hizbollah's attempt to extend its control into northern Lebanon, where Shia Arabs area minority. For over a decade, Hizbollah militias have controlled southern Lebanon, where Shia are the majority.

July 28, 2008: Israeli police found and killed a top Hamas terrorist leader in the West Bank. Hamas quickly vowed retaliation for the loss of their guy. Fatah continued to arrest Hamas supporters in the West Bank.

July 26, 2008: Hamas gunmen in Gaza rounded up the usual suspects, locking up 160 Fatah supporters. This is part of a search for those who set off three bombs on the 25th. In some Fatah neighborhoods, there was armed resistance, and the gun battles left at least six wounded. In retaliation, Fatah police in the West Bank arrested three dozen Hamas supporters.

July 25, 2008: Two bombs went off in Gaza, apparently the work of Fatah terrorists attacking Hamas operatives. Later that day, another bomb went off in a vehicle belonging to a Hamas military commander, killing him and three others.




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