Korea: September 15, 1999


South Korean defense experts announced that North Korea had earned over a billion dollars since 1991 by selling nearly 500 Scud missiles to Pakistan, India and several Middle Eastern nations.

September 14; North Korea has threatened to attack South Korea if any South Korean ships cross the newly declared North Korean sea border on the west coast of Korea.

September 13; North Korea has agreed to freeze it's missile testing program if the United States lifts trade sanctions. Since North Korea is largely bankrupt, the lifting of these sanctions would be largely symbolic. North Korea has little money to buy anything, and was always able to get around the sanctions in the past.

September 10; A CIA report contends that within 10-15 years, North Korea will have a working ICBM. North Korea's long collaboration with Iran on missile technology indicates that Iran will have ICBMs about the same time.




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