Korea: September 30, 1999


After North Korean television showed photos of the Taepo Dong missile, it could be confirmed that its first stage is the NoDong (or Rodong) missile, and that this stage (with a large single engine nozzle) is used in the Pakistani Ghauri and the Iranian Shahab-3.--Stephen V Cole

September 29; Following on an earlier $450 million purchase of Russian helicopters, ammunition, armored vehicles (including top of the line T-80 tanks), anti-tank and  anti aircraft weapons, South Korea has now bought modern Su-35 fighters and related anti-aircraft weapons. These purchases are basically a way for Russia to pay off it's considerable debt to South Korea (for manufactured goods and the like.) North Korea has threatened reprisals against Russia for these deals, but the Russians appear unconcerned about this threat. North Korea has also begin backing away from it's pledge not to test it's new long range missiles. This may simply be a negotiating ploy to get more cash and concessions from America, South Korea and Japan, or it may reflect disagreements within the North Korean government.




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