Kurdish War: October 2, 2004


The radical Kurdish separatist group, the PKK, is in disarray. With it's leader jailed since 1999, and no one capable of replacing him, the group has split into unofficial factions. The PKK is supposed to be known as Kongra Gel now. This is an attempt to separate the PKK from it's bloody past as a terrorist organization. But several hundred armed PKK/Kongra Gel fighters are still sitting in northern Iraq, without much to do. Some have been raiding into Turkey, stealing and kidnapping in order to get money to live. There used to be thousands of PKK fighters in northern Iraq and southeastern Turkey. But aggressive operations by the Turkish army and police have made it difficult for the PKK fighters to survive. The PKK doesn't get much support from Iraqi Kurds, who expect the Iraqi government will eventually demand that the PKK fighters leave Iraq or be forced out.


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