Philippines: Terrorist Camps Protected By Peace Talks


July 15, 2006: Peace talks with the MILF are being delayed, perhaps by several years, because of internal disputes in the MILF. Some MILF factions support continued fighting, or the use of terrorism against the government. The main MILF factions have to sort out things with all the more violent factions before a peace deal can be signed, and enforced. Many of the MILF factions violently resist army attempts to check out reports of Islamic terrorist activities in MILF camps.
July 14, 2006: The government issued new regulations making it easier for the national police and village defense forces to deal with the NPA. These communist rebels depend on extortion and terrorizing entire villages and neighborhoods into providing support (shelter, food, not informing the police.) The new regulations are intended to make it easier for localities to get help and resist the NPA.
July 11, 2006: Military intelligence believes that Abu Sayyaf and Jemaah Islamiah have resumed recruiting and training people to carry out terrorist attacks. The army is trying to check out the reports, but the location of the suspected training camps are in MILF territory, and some MILF factions have resisted army attempts to patrol near their camps.
July 9, 2006: Some 280 kilometers north of the capital, an army patrol ran into a group of fifty NPA rebels. During a 30 minute battle, four soldiers and two rebels were killed.
July 8, 2006: In the capital, police arrested six junior military officers, and two civilians, and charged them with plotting a coup.




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