Philippines: Terrorists on the Run


August 11, 2006: In the south, fighting continues between various MILF factions and local self-defense groups (civilians armed, trained and supervised by the army). This appears to be turf battles to settle who controls what.
August 10, 2006: In the south, Islamic terrorists set off two small bombs, and tossed a hand grenade. One policeman was killed, and five people were wounded (including a bomb-removal expert). Abu Sayyaf groups continue to flee from military and police searches on Jolo island.
August 5, 2006: On Jolo, troops captured an abandoned Abu Sayyaf camp, that appears to have been used recently for terrorist training. There were signs that part of the camp had been turned into a bomb making workshop. Abu Sayyaf gunmen skirmished with the troops before the camp was found, apparently in an effort to keep the troops from the camp.




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