Philippines: Chasing Communists


November11, 2006: In the east, soldiers killed one NPA rebel and captured ten others. A nationwide offensive against the NPA has put pressure on the communist rebels all over the country. So far this year, about a hundred soldiers and policemen have been killed fighting the NPA (a communist rebel movement that has been at war with the government for over 60 years.)

November 10, 2006: While the Philippines doesn't want U.S. troops involved in fighting Islamic terrorists in the south, they do like the training and technical assistance provided by American forces (especially Special Forces). This is expected to increase, especially the presence of U.S. electronic intelligence troops and their high-tech eavesdropping and location gear.

November 8, 2006: In the central Philippines, several clashes with NPA rebels left four rebels dead, and dozens fleeing pursuing troops. Nearby, an Abu Sayyaf leader, Tajajul Ampul, was killed when his hiding place was discovered by police. Ampul had a price on his head, and had helped organize several kidnapping operations.

November 5, 2006: In the north, troops found and captured an NPA camp, killing one rebel, and forcing about twenty others to flee. In the south, troops and NPA rebels skirmished again, and several hundred local civilians fled their homes to avoid the fighting.

On Jolo island, a clash between Abu Sayyaf rebels and troops left one soldier and one rebel dead.




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