Philippines: New Tactics in the Search for Terrorists


December1, 2006: A major factor in reducing the rate of kidnapping, and terrorist activity, has been the rewards program. The most wanted criminals are more often caught because rewards, usually under $10,000, are paid to those who provide essential information. Last year, 155 "most-wanted" criminals were caught by paying out $834,000 in rewards. Recently, seven of the "Top Ten Most Wanted" were caught that way. While many of those arrested were Islamic terrorists, catching these guys is complicated by the fact that the Islamic radicals terrorize the Moslem population into not cooperating. This does not work all the time, and many terrorists have been given up by fellow Moslems.

November 30, 2006:Four soldiers were killed when they were ambushed by NPA rebelsin the south.

November 29, 2006:Five of the ten Indonesian Islamic terrorists being sought in the Philippines, are women. It is feared that Islamic terrorists will try to use female suicide bombers, in order to get past the tighter security surrounding senior government officials.

November 28, 2006:A new security agreement with Australia will allow Australian troops to participate in counter-terrorism training exercises in the southern Philippines.

November 26, 2006:An investigation revealed that corrupt immigration officials had assisted al Qaeda members, using forged Indian passports, to illegally enter the Philippines. From now on, visitors from countries with large Moslem populations will receive greater scrutiny.

November 24, 2006:In the south, a police raid on an Abu Sayyaf hideout resulted in one terrorist killed and another arrested.




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